What Just Came Out of My Cousin Michelle

A baby.

A brand-new baby boy, Tyler John, the first boy in my family to be born in over thirty years. As he is my blood relative, I sit confident in the knowledge that he is gorgeous and smart. His mama is a microbiologist and his daddy has a PhD. He is going to have the best science projects in the history of the planet. ("And what have you brought to show the class, Tyler?" "The Death Star.")

On this same day, the findings of the Columbia investigative board will be released. The week we lost her, one of my best friends sent me a bouquet of flowers with the news that in nine months I was going to be an auntie.

For each sorrow, a joy.

August 26, 2003

Mary Beth is an introvert.

She is eager to communicate but prefers doing so via email, a giant stage, or intense conversation about Important Things.

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