Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens returned to the races last week, which flat-out amazes me (thanks to everyone who emailed me the news stories, shrieking). When he was thrown in August-- collapsed lung, broken vertebrae-- the doctors said he'd be out of the saddle for a month, which sounded astoundingly soon to me. And... he was back in two weeks even though they had to insert a tube in his chest to reinflate his lung.

They had to insert a tube in his chest to reinflate his lung and he is now riding gigantic horses at forty miles an hour.


When I had my tonsils out in college, it took me a couple months to get off the DL, and the most strenuous thing I did was perhaps raise my head off the desk once or twice a day to glare at the poor prof trying to make me do math. And this guy, at the age of forty, sits up on the emergency room table and says, "Bring me another horse." Gaping chest wounds reduce wind resistance down the stretch, I guess. September 18, 2003

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