Taufling Pending

Taufling is halfway home. Four and a half months along; four and a half months to go. Julie called my cell to tell me that the baby doctor says everything is great, and that she and her husband saw Taufling wave at them on the sonogram, and so I cried, and as soon as we hung up "With Arms Wide Open" came on the radio, so I cried again. Absolutely none of this is helping my driving skills. Taufling's very first picture was taken on Friday. Taufling works well with the paparazzi. The baby's head is to the left, and s/he already sleeps like Aunt Beth-- curled in a ball, eager to entertain and yet not interact with the world at large. And! S/he has little feeeeeeet! Truly they will kick copious amounts of ass.

November 23, 2003

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