Tafling's Big Womb Adventures

BabyCenter.com says that my niece or nephew is at this moment busily growing hair. should at this point have developed an all-over soft down called "lanugo". That's.... that's... very duckling-like of Taufling. Good job, Taufling! I hope Taufling has my sister's hair; she's a strawberry blonde, and when she wasn't much older than Taufling, it looked purely red at times. It is always beautiful.

It's worrisome that this should be Taufling's focus right now, as his/her aunt is currently experiencing some very severe Hair Issues. I lopped it all off last month, it looked good for four seconds, and now it's all flat and horrid. I have to do a presentation today for the engineers and literally spent 40 minutes in very intense negotiations with my hair, and by the time I walked out the door it actually looked worse when I first rolled out of bed. Taufling is also working on his/her muscle tone. I worked my muscles today too, using a resistance band and a VHS tape featuring an inappropriately enthusiastic person named Tony. Taufling doesn't have a Tony to guide him/her through Lawnmower Pulls and Heavy Pants Flys (don't ask) so I have no idea how s/he is pulling this off. Very tiny Bowflex? I made my sister laugh for like four days once after I in all seriousness told her that I would name a baby girl Freedom Marie or Celestia or both. After she told me that she was expecting, I asked if she was going to name Taufling "Freedom Marie" if she was a girl. There was a very long pause, then she said, "But that's your name." And, says BabyCenter.com, Taufling can now "grasp, squint, frown, and grimace." TELL ME THIS CHILD ISN'T A GERMAN.

October 9, 2003

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