Stand Aside, Depression!

The wackiness, she does emerge here at the Graph Paper Paradise on Halloween. We are having Some Fun now!

I have shed my Jedi robes for the day and entered the Horrible Elevator of Small Talk and Office Chat as the kind and darling princess maiden I truly am each and every day of the year. (For those of you constantly barraging me with email ordering me to post a picture of myself in a dress with sleeves the size of Utah, here you go) Later this evening, I will emerge on the mean streets of BlondeChampagneville as a Jedi dance-hall girl.

If I close my eyes and stretch out with my feelings, I can feel the alcohol flowing through me.

October 31, 2003

Mary Beth is an introvert.

She is eager to communicate but prefers doing so via email, a giant stage, or intense conversation about Important Things.

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