Hurling Chads

Thanks to all who responded to last night's George Costanza Memorial Dinner in the Garbage Flash Poll. I am overwhelmed by the number of readers encouraging me to risk death by poisoned roast beef. I love you too, readers. (It's back in the garbage now, by the way, there to stay, unless the downstairs deli closes early today.)

November, 21, 2003

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Thus begins the part of this blog which isn't The Thing Is. It will continue to grow as I reconstruct my typing past. The posts which follow are a pour-over of what I've written since I began creating

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What you need to do on the second date, ladies, is put your life in the gentleman’s hands, because all the awkwardness is so much easier to bear when trees and cows and people are rushing up at severa

1/15/77, 2

"As of 10:28 AM, today hasn't gone too badly." -younger, stupider me, 10:28 AM This just in from the Typed Too Soon Department: I walked out of the office today thinking, "You know, that wasn't too ba