Fun Money

Different elevator, no less horrifying: My friends and I were at a tourist attraction (they are hard to come by, here in Orlando, but we managed) with a parking garage. We were on maybe the fifth floor, and when we ran out of the forty-five worth of Fun Money we'd allotted ourselves, we headed for the elevator. Already congregated around the "up" button were a group of teenagers who had obviously been there for a while.

Since this was a high-traffic area, there was of course one elevator car which moved floor to floor at speeds of up to .0000000000001 micrometer per hour. We were about to start walking when it arrived, and as we piled in I pushed 5 and one of the teenagers hit... 2.

The car creaked upwards, the door closed behind them, and my girl Flipper said, "All right, who's going to be the first to say it?"


August 25, 2003

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