You can stop asking me about Pete Rose now, people. When I make new acquaintances who find out I'm from Cincinnati, this is the first thing they'll say: "Ohhhhhh.... Pete Rose, man." Why is this? When I meet someone from Dallas, I don't shake my head and go, "Ohhhhhh.... Kennedy, man." Pete is in the news again in typical Pete fashion: for doing something stupid. He's made a concerted decision to get away from all the betting by.... buying a racehorse. Oh, and we're not stopping there. No we are not! Quoth his trainer, Bob Hess: "(Pete) told me that once he’s a manager in baseball again he’ll own lots of horses and try to get his players into it, too." I LOVE this idea, Pete. This is just a top-notch plan. NOTHING can go wrong here. NOTHING AT ALL. I am gonna start telling people that I grew up in Omaha.

October 27, 2003

Mary Beth is an introvert.

She is eager to communicate but prefers doing so via email, a giant stage, or intense conversation about Important Things.

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