1/15/77, 2

"As of 10:28 AM, today hasn't gone too badly."

-younger, stupider me, 10:28 AM

This just in from the Typed Too Soon Department: I walked out of the office today thinking, "You know, that wasn't too bad. Sure, I've got cramps and I'm hacking up phlegm like... like a... menstruating, coughing really hard... person, but I've had worse. Really! It's been a nice birthday!"

Then I got to my car. And saw the flat tire.

AAA came. And told me I needed a very serious alignment.

I found a Goodyear. Where they told me that I needed TWO new tires.

And new breakpads.

And a re-alignment.


So I turned out of the strip mall, fretting over where the money for all this was coming from and how I was going to get off work to get it done if I did have the money and also by the way my blood sugar was at a point where I contemplating gnawing off the rearview mirror.

Then the cop pulled me over. Apparently you can't make a right on red back there.

"Not a good way to celebrate your birthday," he said as he handed back my license. "Are you upset?" NO, I'm THRILLED. This was EXACTLY what I needed less than a year after a wreck and two speeding tickets. I'm not a fan of doing that woman-thing of crying my way out of a ticket, but I cried my way out of a ticket.

Good. I guess.

But not as good as the phone call I got while waiting in the tire place, where my sister and brother in law asked me to be Taufling's godmother.

Best birthday ever.

January 15, 2004

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