Mary Beth Ellis is a writer, college educator, and public speaker. Listed here are some live links to her work and readings; below that is her current traditional publication list and a reckoning of her online work which is no longer available. For interviews, commissions, and questions, feel free to use the contact box below.


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Mary Beth's author page at StarShips, where she writes about Star Wars, and also Star Wars.

Mary Beth's author page at Monsters and Critics, where she offers commentary on pop culture.

Mary Beth's author page at Redleg Nation, the premiere commentary site focused on the Cincinnati Reds. Mary Beth writes the "Baseball Is Life" column and various standalone articles. Her work focuses on the cultural aspects of baseball, as well as the intersection of daily life with sports.

For tech writing and aviation fans, Mary Beth ghostwrites for various publications. Use the contact form below to ask for samples.


Remembering Croc Hunter Steve Irwin

On Christmas Specials

The Importance of Being Darcy

Grimm Fairy Tales

We Have Been Waiting For You, Obi-Wan

Looking Back on Desperate Housewives

Severus Snape, Teacher Hero

Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast interview

I Was a Nielsen Ratings Viewer

Profile of Trace Adkins on The Apprentice

Hollywood Pilots

Business and Tech Writing


Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Five Ways to Improve Compressor Efficiency  

Reciprocating Compressor Safety

Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressors

Polymeric Material and Stress-Free Molding

Compressors in Medical Technology 

What is Spring Pitch?

Laser Cutting Machines for Tech Plates

The Role of Natural Gas Compressor Stations

Piston Rings for PET


Legal Writing for General Audiences 

How Small Estates Can Bypass Probate

Having "The Talk" About End-Of-Life Planning

Four Reasons It's Time to Update Your Estate Plan

How Revocable Living Trusts Add Flexibility

Estate Planning and Millennials 

Estate Planning for a Blended Family

What Will Don't Do

Can a Living Trust Reduce Estate Taxes?

Are Living Trust Documents Made Public?

Do Wills Always Have to Be Probated?

Heggstad Petitions

Estate Planning Before Vacation

Educational Writing

Five Ways Bullying Affects Gifted Students

Using EdTech for Bullying Prevention

Starting Conversations on Bullying

Bullying During Transitional Periods

Four Steps for Identifying Gifted Children

Choosing Schools for the Gifted

Helping Students Show Gratitude

Educating the Twice-Exceptional Student

Explaining Gifted Testing to Your Child

Six Types of Giftedness

Gifted Intensities During the Holidays

Linking Student Interests to School

Job Prospects for Gifted Learners

Gifted Children and Holiday Stress

Seven Signs of Giftedness


Wide Open Writing: Why I Write What Do I Do With This Notre Dame Jacket?: The Struggles of Politics, Religion, and Identity

Mary Beth As Speaker

Interview: WCPO CBS

Reading: TrueTheatre, Cincinnati, OH

Reading: Artist in Residence, Wade in the Water, Salida, CO

Book and Anthologies

Behavioral Disorders: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Mason Crest Press. Pending. 

Behavioral Disorders: Schizophrenia. Mason Crest Press. Pending.

“Soul.”  5 Must Know Secrets for Today's College Girl, edited by Lauren P. Salamone, Frederick Fell Trade, 2011, pp 18-20. 
“Flyover Territory.” Calliope, edited by Anne Shelby, Women Who Write, 2010, pp 2232   
“The Waltz.”  Real Questions: Reading and Writing Genres, edited by John Ruszkiewicz, Bedford/St. Martin's, 2009, pp 298-309. 
“Life With a Capital L.”  Florida Crime Writers, edited by Steve Glassman, McFarland, 2007, pp 58-64.   
Drink to the Lasses. Cold Tree Press, 2006. 
“The Waltz.” Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Authors, Random House, edited by Matt Kellogg and Jillian Quint, 2006, 11-20. 
“The First Time.” Grotto Stories, edited by Mary Pat Dowling Beal, 1996,  MarySunshine Books, 48. 

 Traditional Periodicals 

“English For Pilots.” Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. Pending. 
“Heat Lighting.”  Evening Street Review, Autumn 2013, pp. 54-59. 
“NASA Water.”  Hawaii Pacific Review, September 2013, pp. 123-126. 

 “Rainbirds.”  Glassworks Magazine, Winter 2014, pp. 1-3.    


“People Who Choose to Run.”  Ragnarok, November 27, 2012, pp. 1257-1526. 
“The National Tonic.” Weber: The Contemporary West, Spring/Summer 2009, pp. 112119. 
“Survival: Young Grads in the Workplace.” Notre Dame Magazine, Summer 2003, p. 22. 
“Margartiaville.” Bennington Review, January 2002, pp. 31-34. 


Writing Residencies


Stockton University, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Scholarship Recipient, February 2019

Wide Open Writing Retreat, Scholarship Recipient, November 2016 

 US National Parks Services, Everglades National Park, Artist in Residence, October 2011 

 American Antiquarian Society, Creative Fellow, July 2011 

 Institute for Sustainable Living, Art, and Natural Design, Writer in Residence, January 2011 

 Colorado Art Ranch, Writer in Residence, April-May 2010 

 Casa Libre, Writer in Residence, May 2007

Non-Residency Awards


Runner-up, Creative Nonfiction Memoir Contest, 2019 

Third Place, SLO Nightwriters Golden Quill Writing Contest, 2017 

Second Place, Valhalla Press Literary Competition,2012 

Finalist, Dorothy Churchill Cappon Prize for the Essay, New Letters Magazine, 2010 

Prose Winner, 17th Annual International Short Prose and Poetry Contest, Women Who Write, 2010 

Creative Nonfiction Prose Winner, Seven Hills Literary Contest, Tallahassee Writers Association, 2010  

Erma Bombeck Workshop Humor Writer of the Month, November, 2006 

Laurie A. Lesniewski Award for Creative Writing, Saint Mary’s College, 1999          

(This award is reserved for poetry, fiction, or scriptwriting; however, an exception was made here for nonfiction work.) 


Presentations and Readings


"True Song." True Theater, 22 January 2019, Memorial Hall, Cincinnati, OH.  Reading.

“Exploding the Everyday:  Effective Detail in Writing.” Gulf Coast Writers Association Local Author Presentation, 15 August 2012, Gulfport Public Library, Gulfport, MS. Presentation and reading.


“Edges of Sawgrass.” Ranger Program, 20 October 2011, Royal Palm Visitor Center Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL. Reading.


 “Modern Revolutions.”  Creative Fellow Address, 22 July 2011, American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA. Presentation.


 “Literature of the American Space Program.” Resident Program, Colorado Art Ranch, 17 May 2011, Salida Regional Library, Salida, CO. Presentation and reading.


"Writing for Women in the Thoroughbred Industry." Women's Horse Industry Association Convention, 4 November 2007, Ramada Louisville Expo Center, Louisville, KY. Presentation and roundtable discussion.


“The Waltz.” Poetry at an Uncouth Hour, 20 April 2006, NiteLites, Stetson University, DeLand, FL. Reading.


“Time to Close the Shutters:  Florida Hurricane Culture.”  Florida College English Association Meeting, 18 November 2005, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL. Reading.


“Waltzing Matilda for Writing: Teaching in Workshop.” January Residency, 14 January 2002, Tishman Lecture Hall, Bennington, VT. Presentation.

Online Publications Mary Beth Has Written For Which No Longer Exist (She Had Nothing To Do With That Part of It)

Made Magazine (lifestyle)

Phactaul (science, tech, and culture)

OnHerGame (sports writing by women)

Freelance Switch (column on life as a freelancer

Headline News' Crystal Ball (sports predictions from female sportswriters)

JamsBio (music memoir essays)